Mindful Cooking and Eating

Beginners, Follow-up

The Abode
Rosweg 54
1710 Sint-Martens-Lennik

Mindful Cooking and Eating

Friday 9 November 2018
From 17.00 to 21.30

Location: At "The Abode" in Flemish Pajottenland

Mindful Cooking and Eating - Boosting your energy with food

With Beate Trück and Katrien Maes.

We all know that what we eat and how we live has an influence on our health. But did you know that you can regulate your energy with the choice of food that you put into your mouth? Especially in Autumn it is important to prioritize good nutrition and a healthy eating hygiene to prevent you from getting sick and tired so that you can face all the challenges in terms of work, life and the change of weather with a good resilience.

In this workshop, Ayurveda therapist and nutrition coach Katrien Maes wilt teach you some dishes that can literally increase your energy. The focus will be on (heart)warming dishes, that boost your immune system and energy level.

We will explore the different ingredients and how it is best to prepare them. We will cook together a whole 4 course meal based on Ayurvedic principles, and you will receive handouts and recipes for it.

It is not only important what you eat, but also how you eat. Mindfulness teacher Beate Trück will take introduce some elements of mindful eating and take care of the meditative elements during the workshop. She will guide you into exploring and enjoying the dishes with your senses so that a whole new world will be presented to your senses.

As a result, you will feel energized by the food and good company of like-minded people who want to explore how to mindfully shop, select, cook and prepare a delicious and healthy meal.

The workshop will take place in our favourite location “The Abode” – a former farm offering a big kitchen, dining room and a beautiful and peaceful surrounding in the middle of fields.



16.30  Arrival

17.00  Welcome and short opening meditation (Beate Trück)

17.30  Cooking class (Katrien Maes)

19.30  Mindful eating (Beate Trück)

20.00  Dinner

21.30  Handouts and departure



 Beate Trück         

Katrien Maes


The price for this exquisite mindful cooking and eating event is 95€ per person.

This price includes the following:

  • cooking class and workshop,
  • guided meditations,
  • handouts with recipes,
  • mindful dinner in an exquisite setting,
  • accompanying drinks, including wine,
  • a home-made autumn-curry-powder as a take away.



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