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In-person Mindful Compassionate Parenting Course on 3 Saturdays
16/10/21 till 10/01/22
In person


Av. de Tervueren 81
1040 Etterbeek

Metro: Merode or Montgomery


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Mindful parenting course in an intensive format: 3 in-person Saturdays and 3 online follow-up sessions on Monday evenings

  • Starting on Saturday 16 October
  • Course dates: 16 October, 20 November, 11 December (TBC) from 14.00 to 18.30 CET
  • Online follow up sessions on Mondays 8 November, 29 November, 10 January (2022), from 20.00 to 21.00 CET

Addressing challenges of everyday family life and finding balance as a parent

With mindfulness teacher Silke Lalvani

Being a parent is a great source of happiness – and can be a hard job. Sleep-deprived, we try to deal with a tantrum of our small child or with the home-schooling of our teenager, and, in the end, feel guilty or depleted as things seem not work out as we had hoped. 

In today’s world, we satisfy many demands in our different roles, at work, as a partner, as a friend, and as a parent. We strive to get everything right in the upbringing of our children and often forget that while trying to optimise our family life and create an ideal framework for the development of our children, we put high pressure on ourselves. Driven by expectations – our own but also those of society – and caught in automatic stress reactions, we lose sight of the things that really matter and we neglect our own needs. 

How can mindfulness and self-compassion help?

Mindfulness can help to better recognise and understand our own stress reactions and mechanisms. This gives us the freedom to find new ways of dealing more skilfully with daily challenges and difficult situations. We also increase bodily awareness in order to use it as a sensitive radar instead of an amplifier of stress.

By cultivating self-compassion, we learn how to treat ourselves as a good friend, especially in difficult situations in which we often tend to listen to our inner critic, telling us we are not good enough. With mindfulness and self-compassion you can find the balance between staying connected to yourself while being connected to your child(ren) especially in situations when they do not react as you would like them to.

In the Mindful Compassionate Parenting course you will learn how to

  •  recognise automatic stress reactions and behaviour patterns and respond more thoughtfully to them instead of getting angry or upset
  •  integrate mindfulness and self-compassion skills in your daily life as a parent, so that it becomes more joyful and rewarding
  •  better deal with difficult thoughts and emotions that might otherwise cause stress or drag you down in a spiral of helplessness and frustration
  •  stay present with and connected to your child(ren), even when they do not act as you wish
  •  develop a friendly and self-compassionate attitude towards yourself and others, especially in moments of pressure and overload
  •  look at your family life and daily requirements with a different perspective
  •  find some peace in the midst of the turbulences of your family life

The course combines mindfulness with self-compassion practices and elements of brain sciences. It was developed by Jörg Mangold, medical specialist in paediatric and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher. The content of the course is based on scientifically validated mindfulness programmes.

Who is this course for?

This course has been developed for parents and child caregivers. It is not specifically designed for couples. You can participate together with your partner, but this is not a requirement, you can just as well participate on your own.

No prior knowledge is required to follow this course.

The location

The day will take place at MM81, a beautiful and spacious Maison de maître with a wonderful garden between metro Merode and Montgomery on Avenue de Tervueren in Brussels.

Covid-19 Precautions

To ensure your comfort and safety during our activities, we follow all recommended sanitary guidelines set by the government. Among others, we take the following health measures for in-person activities:

  • Small groups to allow enough space between participants
  • Amenities to wash and disinfect your hands 
  • Locations are cleaned and ventilated regularly
  • Possibility for outdoor practices whenever the weather allows it
  • Use of masks for indoor activities when circulating in the building, (once you are at your seat you can take it off), in accordance with the local requirements
  • Participants are required to stay at home when experiencing symptoms or when in situations that require respecting quarantine measures

Please note that we monitor any change in corona measures and apply them as soon as required by the authorities. This may require us to make changes to our planned events and courses. Should the schooling barometer switch to a different colour code within the duration of a course requiring us to teach online instead of in-person, no refund or rescheduling is possible.

Practicalities of the mindful compassionate parenting course

  • The course will be held in English
  • The in-person course sessions on Saturdays will be organised in our training centre MM81
  • The optional follow-up sessions on Monday evenings will be held online via Zoom, an easy-to-use online meeting tool which allows interactivity
  • Please bring a (yoga) mat or a thick blanket and optionally a cushion to the course sessions
  • The course is organised in a small group (maximum 14 participants)
  • You will receive access to a specific content webpage which includes the meditations practised during the sessions
  • Every week, you will receive practical exercises to build mindfulness and self-compassion into your daily schedule
  • The course is led by an experienced and certified mindfulness teacher with a special training in mindful parenting

The teacher

With mindfulness teacher Silke Lalvani.

Silke is a certified mindfulness teacher with a specialisation and a passion for mindful parenting. combining a challenging job and her role as a mother of two she has lots of experience in finding the balance between being there for others and self-care as well as responding in a skilful way to challenges as they present themselves in a busy family life. 



€399 (incl.VAT) for the course, half-price for a partner joining. In this case, please contact us via to receive a manual invoice at the discounted price.

This rate includes:

  • 3 in-person course days: three half day workshops in a wonderful location in Brussels
  • 3 online follow-up meetings in between the sessions
  • A handbook with practical information and worksheets for home practice
  • Access to recorded meditations practised during the course
  • Weekly emails to follow up and organise home practice

What past participants have to say:

"The 8-week course was a real eye opener. I loved the coach as well as the group. Everything was done in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. I feel like now I have this big toolbox that I can keep developing and digging into when I face stressful situations."

"I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness! The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learnt into who we are and what we do. The impact has been immediate and keeps on going - it is an investment that positively affects the foundations of self and holistic wellbeing!".

"I am now meditating every day! I found the course a good balance of theory, practical and sharing vs actually meditating."

"High quality teachers and extraordinary communication and pedagogical tools (handbook, to-the-point emails, languages, knowledge..). Extraordinary mindfulness course which should be a must for everyone .... impossible not to like it! Mindfulness attitudes so much needed in hectic times.... and delicious raisins (you will find out why)!"

Read more testimonials here and read a long reflection by one of our participants here.

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