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Teacher Training Master Class Finding Peace in a Frantic World
12/10/24 till 12/10/24
In person


MM81/ Institute of Neurocognitivism
Av. de Tervueren 81
1040 Etterbeek

Metro: Merode or Montgomery


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Teacher Training Master Class: Finding peace in a frantic world

A one-day Master Class on how to teach the “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” programme for individuals and in organisations.

In person in Brussels, Saturday 12 October from 10.00 – 17.00 CET 

Practical introduction into how to teach the curriculum with lots of practices and concrete tips

With senior mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer, Beate Trück

Learning to teach the curriculum

Learning to teach the curriculum

This master class provides training on how to teach the 8-week Mindfulness course: “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” Programme as it is taught by Brussels Mindfulness. This curriculum is developed from MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) which is based on the best-selling book by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It provides a practical and accessible introduction to mindfulness with 8 weekly sessions of 60-120 minutes and daily home practices of 10-20 minutes.

Audience for the curriculum "Finding peace in a frantic world"

The curriculum includes practices and exercises for working with stress and increasing wellbeing and resilience. It is suitable for delivering to adults in workplaces, universities, and schools, and to the general public. With its unique mix of didactic teaching, short practices, and deep sharing it is particularly well suited for the busy population in Brussels (and elsewhere) dealing with an abundance of stress, overwhelm, and tight deadlines.

For whom?

This workshop is for fully trained Mindfulness teachers (MBSR, MBCT, or Mindfulness for Life) and for teachers in training. All mindfulness teachers are welcome!

What will you learn?

We will be tackling the following aspects:

  • The theoretical background and rationale for the Finding Peace in a Frantic World curriculum
  • The structure and sequence of the curriculum (as it is taught at Brussels Mindfulness)
  • How to teach the new practices and exercises
  • New concepts practiced in small groups with trainer feedback
  • How to adapt the curriculum for the workplace
  • How to assess if this curriculum is useful for the specific population
  • The intake and orientation session
  • Specificities of the meditations for the programme
For whom?

What can you expect?

This  master class offers you the opportunity to:
  • Learn about the background and rationale for the Finding Peace in a Frantic World curriculum
  • Understand the structure and sequence of this curriculum
  • Reflect on similarities and differences between this curriculum and the MBSR programme
  • Practice teaching the key practices and exercises that are part of this curriculum
  • Explore considerations for delivering this curriculum to adults in a variety of settings
  • Reflect on what needs to be considered for teaching this programme at the workplace
  • Practice inquiry with your peers
  • Meet other mindfulness teachers and connect on a deeper level
  • Listen to case studies from an experienced teacher who has been teaching this curriculum for 10 years
The indicative programme

The indicative programme

09.30 Arrivals, coffee, tea, and registration

10.00 Session 1 (including break)

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Session 2 (incl tea break)

17.00 End of day


The day will take place at the Institute of Neurocognitivism or MM81, a beautiful and spacious Maison de maître between metro Merode and Montgomery on Avenue de Tervueren in Brussels (metro Merode or Montgomery). It also has a lovely garden with a pond. If the weather allows, we will do some outdoor practices in the beautiful garden.

The Teacher

Beate Trück is a senior mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer and has been teaching the Frantic World curriculum for the past decade. She has taught it in courses to the general public and in more than 100 companies in different languages, in person and online. Over the years, she has slightly adapted it for the specific populations that she was teaching, and she has prepared handbooks and recorded meditations in 4 languages for this programme.

Beate has extensive experience and passion for this programme and has taught it in the European institutions, numerous public organisations, governments, international companies, and associations. As a teacher trainer for the Brussels Mindfulness teacher training programme where the MBSR curriculum is taught, she will also reflect on the main differences between these two programmes.

The Teacher


  • Parking is available on the street.
  • The teaching will be in English language
  • Tea, coffee and snacks are available throughout the day. 
  • If you are coming from outside of Brussels and are looking for someone to host you, please let us know and we will share your request in the group.

What to bring

  • Your own lunch 
  • Meditation cushion and a mat (and a blanket if you desire)
  • Notebook and pen


Early bird fee of € 199 (incl. VAT), €157 excl VAT until 12 September

Thereafter full fee: € 249 (incl VAT) , €196 excl VAT

Further reduction for former graduates of Brussels Mindfulness Teacher Training (please use your code)

included in the fee:

  • Handouts with a detailed overview of each session in the Frantic World course
  • Snacks and drinks
  • A link to guided meditations specific for the Frantic World course

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