Learn how to move from stress to calm focus with our free workshop on 12 December with Alena at 19.00 CET.

Free Online Workshop: From stress and struggle to calm and focus


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Free online workshop: From stress and struggle to calm and focus

12 December from 19.00 to 20.30 CET, Online via zoom with mindfulness teacher Alena Reisinger

This interactive online session via Zoom aims to guide you from stress and struggle to a state of calm and focus.

Take back control over your life

Stress is an inevitable part of being human, and positive stress propels us towards our goals. However, when stress overwhelms and anxiety dominates, finding balance becomes crucial.

Do you want to discover ways how to deal with stress more skillfully? Do you want to reclaim your peace and calm? Do you want to reduce mental or bodily pain and suffering?

Take back control over your life
About the Workshop

About the Workshop

This introductory workshop, tailored for beginners, offers insights into skillfully responding to stress and suffering, bringing you into the present moment. The session will include a mix of teaching, practicing, and sharing, similar to our 8-week mindfulness courses, providing you with a first impression.

The popular name for the full catastrophe nowadays is stress. […] We all have our own version of it.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

What You'll Discover in this workshop

  • The impact of stress on your body and mind
  • How mindfulness can alleviate stress and suffering
  • Practical mindfulness techniques for skillful stress management
  • Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine for lasting peace
  • Details about our upcoming 8-week mindfulness course starting in January

The workshop will be conducted in English, focusing on an interactive approach to enhance your understanding of stress and how mindfulness empowers you to cope with it.

Workshop Highlights

Expect a blend of teaching, practical exercises, and shared experiences. Engage in practical exercises and meditations offering new perspectives on dealing with life's challenges, gaining insights and techniques to implement immediately.

Engage in practical exercises and meditations that offer new perspectives on dealing with life's challenges. Gain insights and techniques to implement immediately.

The workshop also introduces features of our upcoming 8-week mindfulness course with Alena, starting on Tuesday, January 21, 2024. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, or simply listen - you are welcome as you are!

Meet the Teacher

Certified Mindfulness teacher Alena Reisinger.

Alena is a certified mindfulness teacher and coach, and is passionate about personal development. Participants especially like her warmth, kindness and creativity.

Meet the Teacher


Secure your spot by registering now, as spaces are limited. The Zoom link for the online meeting will be sent shortly before the workshop.

You are welcome as you are – ready to embark on a journey towards greater peace and mindfulness. No prior experience necessary. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. For administrative and practical questions, please contact info@brusselsmindfulness.be. For questions about our courses and events, have a look at our FAQ.

If you want to discuss something directly with the teacher, you can contact Alena Reisinger via alena.reisinger@brusselsmindfulness.be.

Many thanks for your registration. We look forward to meeting you in the course.

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