Monthly online Dharma talks and meditation

13-01-2021 till 16-06-2021

Online via zoom

Monthly online Dharma talks and meditation

Monthly online Dharma talk and meditation with Jake Dartington

  • Wednesday evenings from 19.30 to 21.30 CET
  • Dates: 13 January, 17 February, 17 March, 21 April, 12 May, 16 June 2021


A calm mind and a wise heart – a series of six talks and meditations with Jake Dartington

A six-month course with a series of monthly interactive teaching and guided meditations 

Deepen your mindfulness practice, find stillness and inspiration in these consecutive sessions with insight and mindfulness teacher Jake Dartington.

Each session will include a guided meditation, a Dharma talk, as well as time for questions, answers and discussion.


1)      Wise view - 13 January

How do we live with ease in the midst of an uncertain and changing world? In this talk, we’ll explore the ‘three characteristics’ of existence described in the Buddhist tradition and explore how we can find wise responses to the challenges of living in an unpredictable world.


2)      The factors of awakening - 17 February

How can we deepen the calm and understanding that meditation brings? In this talk, we’ll explore the ‘seven factors of awakening’. We’ll discuss how cultivating joy and interest in our practice is a doorway to states of calm and balance.


3)      Friendliness - 17 March

How do we bring a warm heart to whatever arises in our experience? In this talk, we’ll explore the practice of ‘metta’, translated as ‘loving-kindness’ or friendliness. We’ll discuss how to be more friendly with our experience and other people.


4)      Compassion - 21 April

How can we stay open in the midst of the pain and suffering of the world? In this talk, we’ll explore classical and contemporary approaches to compassion. We’ll discuss how we can bring care and be kind to ourselves and others in the midst of life’s challenges.


5)      Joy - 12 May

How can we deepen a sense of joy and appreciation? In this talk, we’ll explore practices to cultivate a sense of joy and gratitude. We’ll discuss how to step out threat-focused perceptions and to open to the beauty of life.


6)      Equanimity -  16 June

How can we find balance amidst the ups and down of life? In this talk, we’ll explore how life continually brings us opposites: pain as well as pleasure, loss as well as gain. We’ll discuss how to meet these changes with an open and free heart.  


Upon registering, you buy your pass for all six talks. If you cannot make it to a session, you will receive access to the recording. 

In addition, you can register for the Online Spring Retreat with Jake taking place on Friday 12 to  Sunday 14 March 2021. The retreat is designed to integrate seamlessly with the 6-month course.  


The teacher

Jake Dartington, insight meditation and mindfulness teacher

Jake Dartington is a teacher of Insight Meditation and Mindfulness-based Approaches. He began his meditation practice in 1995 and has been teaching at Gaia House retreat centre since 2007 following a three-year teacher training with Christina Feldman. He has also taught many retreats across Europe and works as a mentor on the mindfulness teacher training led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. He is also the lead teacher of our teacher training programme. 


Watch here Jake's introduction on this course:



€ 270 (VAT included) for:

  • 6 sessions of 90 minutes with Jake Dartington, experienced mindfulness and Dharma teacher 
  • Access to recordings of the sessions
  • inbetween emails with further inspiration and reminders
  • Life-time access to all other meditations by Brussels Mindfulness


Special lockdown offer: upon registering for this course you receive a free morning meditations pass of 5 sessions to be used immediately and whenever it suits you. 


If you wish to register for the online retreat in March combined with the Dharma talks, you will receive a € 40 discount for the total amount:

Pay 429 € instead of 469€ for both events with Jake Dartington. 

Please contact us via in this case to receive a manual invoice. 



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