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Day of Nourishment - Inner state of rest
In person


Av. de Tervueren 81
1040 Etterbeek

Metro: Merode or Montgomery


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Day of Nourishment: Exploring your inner state of rest

For people who already practice mindfulness or yoga and for everyone looking for some peace and calm. Sunday 17 October, from 10.00 to 16.30.

with mindfulness teacher Silke Lalvani

After a summer break, as if by magic, our calendars quickly get filled up with all kinds of tasks, appointments and to-do’s. At the same time, the change of season with its colder weather and darker days might lead to a dip in our energy levels. Why not take a day off with us and coming from doing mode into just being, taking a pause and resource yourself from the inside with mindfulness by cultivating rest and quietness?

In these challenging times, it is important to prioritize self-care. Benefit from a day in stillness where guided mindfulness practices will help your busy and possibly anxious mind to come to rest. In this day we will be focusing on grounding practices to quieten the mind and tap into the inner peace that is inherent within all of us. This day can be a powerful energy boost and come along with a sense of peace in the midst of our busy daily life and the uncertain times we live in. It will help you to see more clearly what you need to step out of the rat race and to flourish in your life.

Maybe you have done a mindfulness course in the past or you already practice yoga or meditation on your own? It's not always easy to keep up a daily practice. Somehow, daily life takes over again and again and even though you know about the value of mindfulness, it’s a challenge to free up time for the practise. Maybe you would like to discover mindfulness in an intensive format of a day long practice?

A day of mindfulness allows you to take a deeper dive, so you can at the same time refresh and deepen your practice. It helps you reconnect with meditation and boost your motivation to continue with it in daily life. It is also pleasant to feel the benefit of meditating in a group (again).

We will practice a mix of different forms of meditation, mindful walking and stretching, to bring your mind at rest and to tune into what really matters to you.

The day will mostly take place in silence, with English instructions given by the teacher. If the weather allows it, we will use the lovely garden for outdoor sessions and walking meditations. We also encourage you to refrain from using your phone.

Ideally, you already have some experience with mindfulness and/or yoga. If you are completely new to mindfulness or yoga, please get in touch with us at

Some benefits of a day of nourishment

Some benefits of a day of nourishment

  • Feeling more rested, relaxed and calm
  • Improving your focus and concentration
  • Gaining greater physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Deepening your mindfulness practice
  • Finding a new sense of inner freedom
  • Being able to see more clearly what really matters to you
  • Easing the voice of the inner critic and developing a kinder, more compassionate mind
  • Developing a sense of contentment and fulfilment
  • Feeling connected with and supported by a group of like-minded people

The location

The day will take place at MM81, a beautiful and spacious Maison de maître between metro Merode and Montgomery on Avenue de Tervueren in Brussels. It also has a lovely garden with a pond. If the weather allows, we will do some outdoor practices in the beautiful garden.

Tea, coffee and snacks are available throughout the day. Please bring your own lunch as well as a yoga mat and blanket.

Covid-19 Precautions

To ensure your comfort and safety during our activities, we follow all recommended sanitary guidelines set by the government. Among others, we take the following health measures for in-person activities:

  • Small groups to allow enough space between participants
  • Amenities to wash and disinfect your hands regularly
  • Locations are cleaned and ventilated several times a day
  • Possibility for outdoor meditations whenever the weather allows it
  • Use of masks for indoor activities, in accordance with the local requirements
  • Participants are required to stay at home when experiencing symptoms or when in situations that require respecting quarantine measures

Please note that we monitor any change in corona measures and apply them as soon as required by the authorities. This may require us to make changes to our planned events and courses. Should we be required to cancel the retreat, we will do our best to postpone the activity to a new date or provide you with a relevant alternative activity should you prefer this.

Given that we will be together in the same space for a full day, we would like everybody in the group to feel secure. For this reason, we invite participants to take a self-test max 24 hours before the start of the retreat day, if you have not been vaccinated twice yet. Knowing that every member of the group is negative, will feel more comfortable for all.

Covid-19 Precautions

The programme

09.30   Arrivals
10.00   Introduction, getting to know the group & start of silence
10.30   Mindful movement and opening meditation
11.30   Tea break
11.45   Sitting meditation, reflection, walking meditation
12.45   Mindful lunch in silence
13.30   Outdoor session using all senses (if weather allows it)
                Alternatively sitting and walking meditation
14.30   Tea break
14.45   Sitting meditation, gentle practices to end the silence
15.30   End of silence, sharing circle and closing session
16.30   Departures

The programme

The teacher

Silke is a certified mindfulness teacher with a specialisation and a passion for mindful parenting. combining a challenging job and her role as a mother of two she has lots of experience in finding the balance between being there for others and self-care as well as responding in a skilful way to challenges as they present themselves in a busy family life.


Day of Nourishment: € 99 (incl. VAT)

Tea breaks are included, but please bring your own lunch, yoga mat and blanket, and - if you wish - something to share with the group.

Registrations will close on Friday 15 October at 12.00 CET, but we recommend registering immediately to avoid being on the waiting list.

Digital detox and silence

Throughout the day we will be practising digital detox to give our mind some rest. Please put your phone in flight mode or do not bring it at all so you are not tempted to check your messages. Please inform your relatives that you won't be reachable during this day (except in case of emergency).

For most of the day we will be in silence to deepen a feeling of rest and peace while being connected with the group.

Please fill out the form below in order to register for the Day of Nourishment. This information is important for the teacher to understand your motivation to participate.

All information you provide will be treated confidentially and will never be shared with third parties. We will get in touch with you if we have any questions, so please provide the phone number on which we can most easily reach you. Please check our privacy policy here.

Please check our terms & conditions about cancellations and refunds.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. For administrative and practical questions, please contact For questions about our courses and events, have a look at our FAQ.

If you want to discuss something directly with the teacher, you can contact Silke Lalvani via

Many thanks for your registration. We look forward to meeting you in the course.

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