8-week online Interpersonal Mindfulness Course on Wednesday evenings
21/04/21 till 23/06/21


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Online 8-week course, Wednesday evenings from 19.00 to 21.30 CET and one immersion day from 10.00 to 17.00 CET

  • Starting on Wednesday 21 April
  • Course dates: 21, 28 April; 05, 12, 19, 26, May; full day on 30 May; 2, 23 June
  • No session on 09 and 16 June

Interpersonal Mindfulness - A deepening programme helping you to relate more skilful to others

With mindfulness teacher Sandrine Rauter

Learn how to bridge the gap between our individual meditation practice and relational life

While we manage to cultivate calm and kind presence on our meditation cushion, we can have difficulties carrying on the fruits of our practice into daily life, feeling caught up in emotional reactivity when interacting with others.

We are beings of social relationships and communication. These relationships can be a source of joy, appreciation, and fulfilment as much as a source of tension, conflict, judgement or fear. Much of the stress we experience in life originates in relationships.

So how can we remain centered and aware in pleasant and unpleasant relational moments? How can we respond better to challenging or stressful interactions?

Relational mindfulness allows us to cultivate and maintain presence while being engaged in the challenge that represents human relationships. It focuses on a deeper understanding of the so-called social or interpersonal stress. It allows us to get more familiar with our habitual ways of relating to others and experience what it is to be in a relationship outside of our usual conditioning, outside of our automatic relational patterns.

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme (IMP)

The Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme (developed by the Centre for Mindfulness and the Insight Dialogue Community) is modelled as the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program and consists of 8 weekly sessions of 2,5 hours and one full day of integration. It is based on the innovative and structured interpersonal mindfulness practice of Insight Dialogue developed by Gregory Kramer, PhD.

It is an opportunity to not only learn new relational practices but also to renew foundational mindfulness practices. In each session, through guided meditations, short talks, group and pair dialog practice, we will experience the power of mutually established mindfulness and explore integrating the relational aspects of mindfulness and wisdom into our daily lives.

We can also benefit from Insight Dialogue guidelines even if our entourage does not practice it, because they change our conditioned, habitual way of relating to others. It is not a communication technique – though it can be complementary to any of these – but a particular way of being in relationships.

Intentions of the programme

  • Renewing and deepening the practice of mindfulness
  • Recognising relational patterns of reactivity that often go unnoticed in the flow of everyday interactions
  • Learning and experiencing meditative guidelines for supporting awareness in the midst of our interactions with others, through the 6 guidelines of Insight Dialogue: Pause – Relax – Open – Attune to Emergence – Listen Deeply – Speak the Truth
  • Learning ways of listening to oneself and others more deeply
  • Deepening connection and intimacy with others as well as increasing the capacity for empathy and compassion


  • Having completed of an 8-week mindfulness programme (MBSR, MBCT, other MBI) or equivalent meditation experience
  • Maintaining a regular mindfulness meditation practice

Practicalities of the Interpersonal Mindfulness course

  • 8 weekly group sessions of 2.5 hours
  • One day-long integration session on 30 May, from 10.00 to 17.00 CET (adapted to an online version, not 7 hours in front of a screen)
  • Invitations for home practices to further support integration in daily life, including a 20-30 minutes formal meditation practice each day and putting into practice the Insight Dialogue guidelines in daily interactions (not requiring extra time)
  • The course will be held in English
  • The sessions are organised online via Zoom, an easy-to-use online meeting tool which allows interactivity, intimacy and confidentiality in break-out rooms
  • Led by an experienced MBSR and Interpersonal Mindfulness Certified Teacher
  • Small groups (max. 18 participants) to guarantee a safe, warm and cosy environment

The teacher

With mindfulness teacher Sandrine Rauter

Sandrine is an experienced mindfulness and yoga teacher with a specialisation in interpersonal mindfulness. She is also part of the trainer's team for our teacher training as well as for the teacher training in French at the ULB. Participants like her kind and thorough approach. 


€397 (incl. VAT) for the course, including:

  • 8 live online sessions of 2.5 hours each and one full integration day (27 hours of training)
  • A handbook with home practices and Insight Dialogue Guidelines
  • Meditation recommendations for the home practice
  • Availability of the teacher outside of the weekly sessions for challenges with the practice
  • Possibility to watch the recording in case you miss a session

"The 8-week course was a real eye opener. I loved the coach as well as the group. Everything was done in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. I feel like now I have this big toolbox that I can keep developing and digging into when I face stressful situations."

"I highly recommend Brussels Mindfulness! The teachers and approach were the right balance of providing a conceptual understanding, hands-on practice, personal and peer reflections and dialogue to understand and integrate what we learnt into who we are and what we do. The impact has been immediate and keeps on going - it is an investment that positively affects the foundations of self and holistic wellbeing!".

"I am now meditating every day! I found the course a good balance of theory, practical and sharing vs actually meditating."

"High quality teachers and extraordinary communication and pedagogical tools (handbook, to-the-point emails, languages, knowledge..). Extraordinary mindfulness course which should be a must for everyone .... impossible not to like it! Mindfulness attitudes so much needed in hectic times.... and delicious raisins (you will find out why)!"

Read more testimonials here and read a long reflection by one of our participants here.

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