2-night Fall Weekend Retreat

20-11-2020 till 22-11-2020
Beginners, Follow-up

Het Verblijf
Rosweg 54
1750 Sint-Martens-Lennik

Carpooling will be organised shortly before the retreat.

2-night Fall Weekend Retreat

From Friday 20 until Sunday 22 November 2020. 
Start on Friday at 19.00.

At the beautiful farm "Het Verblijf" in the Flemish Pajottenland close to Brussels.

Carpooling will be organised shortly before the retreat. 


How to get a happy brain and boost your resilience

Residential retreat for everyone who wants to lead a happier life and be more resilient in life. Based on the scientifically validated method of positive neuroplasticity (PNP) by Dr. Rick Hanson.

with Beate Trück (mindfulness and PNP trainer) and Katrien Maes (Ayurvedic therapist)

Why is it so hard to let go of unwanted thoughts and patterns? Why do we so often feel like we are being overwhelmed and cannot step out of this treadmill of constant worrying and busyness? What are the practical steps that we could take to free ourselves from some old "baggage" and simply be happy?

Resilience requires a healthy balance between challenges, vulnerabilities and resources. While we cannot do much about the challenges and vulnerabilities there is much we can do about the resources, especially mental ones.

In this retreat, we will learn how to grow inner resources. We will show you a simple method to transform ordinary day-to-day experiences into inner strengths, such as resilience, self-confidence, compassion, joy and a feeling of being loved. The mindful internalisation of such psychological resources can help us deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, loss, and shame, and support well-being, emotional healing, and spiritual praxis and thus boost our resilience and happiness.

Based on the neurobiology of learning, Dr. Rick Hanson has developed a simple method called “HEAL” for taking in the good. It consists of four basic steps, whose application lasts only a few seconds each time:

  • H – Have a beneficial experience, either by noticing one or by creating one in your imagination.
  • E – Enrich the experience, in terms of duration, intensity, multimodality, novelty, or salience.
  • A – Absorb the experience, i.e. make your memory systems more receptive by priming and sensitizing them.
  • L – Link positive and negative material, in effect overwriting negative memories (optional step).

The retreat will combine basic information about the relevant functions of the brain with practical HEAL exercises and mindfulness meditations. It is recommended for everyone interested in or engaged in personal growth and who would like to deepen a sense of peace, joy, and love. Instructions will be given in English language.


What to expect

  • Mindfulness meditations.
  • Mindful yoga.
  • Teaching on positive neuroplasticity and the functioning of the brain
  • Understanding and practicising of the HEAL method by Rick Hanson
  • Practical exercises and sharing in small groups.
  • A beautiful location in the countryside where you can unwind.
  • Tasty organic vegetarian food.
  • The power of a group of like-minded people willing to learn and practice together.
  • A resourcing guided walk in the beautiful countryside.
  • The possibility to receive an ayurvedic massage.


What you walk away with

  • A comprehensive handout with practical tips and tools.
  • A set of mindfulness meditations for a happy brain.
  • A renewed ability to connect to your own sources of deep joy and calm.
  • An ability to growth resources within yourself helping you to become more resilient
  • New ideas and inspiration on how to deepen your mindfulness practice.
  • New friends and like-minded people who can support you in your practice

The teacher

  Beate Trück

Beate is an experienced mindfulness teacher. She has been tarined and certified as a MBSR teacher by Arbor-Seminare, and has given many retreats to an international audience over the past years. Participants like her warm and inclusive style and some of them come back to her retreats regularly. She has also been trained on positive neuropsychology and HEAL by Rick Hanson from 2015 to 2018 and is since then authorisied to teach his method. More information on HEAL and positive neuropsychology can be found at http://www.rickhanson.net/

Extra: massages available


Katrien Maes, ayurvedic therapist, will offer Ayurvedic therapeutic massages (body and head) during this retreat at a reasonable additional cost. These massages offer a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relaxation and get more in touch with your body. 

Once you have registered, in the weeks before the retreat, you will receive more information about how to book a specific slot.

The programme


19.00 - Arrivals - check-in

20.00 - Introduction, opening meditation and relaxation


8.00 - 9.00    Mindful yoga & meditation

9.00 - 10.00  Breakfast

10.30 How to grow resources in the brain and the mind

11.30 Tea time

11.45 How to turn a good experience into an inner resource: The HEAL method

13.00 Exploring lunch with all our senses

14.30 Mindful walk using all our senses and practising taking in the good 

In case of bad weather: Nourishing yoga and relaxation session.

17.00 Tea time and dessert

17.30-18.30 Experiencing key resources,

18.30 Delicious Dinner

19.30  Evening meditation, relaxation and sharing

21.30 End of day


8.00 Yoga and meditation

9.00 Breakfast: starting the day with healthy food

10.00 Growing strengths for safety

10.45 Tea time

11.00 Growing strengths for satisfaction

12.30 Mindful lunch

13.30 Mindful walking

14.00 Growing strengths for connection

14.45 Wrap-up, final meditation, sharing

16.30 Enjoying tea and cake together

17.00 End

This is an indicative agenda and is subject to change. All teaching parts involve meditative and other exercises, in small or bigger groups.



Rate for the 3-day-retreat with meals and accommodation in a shared twin room: € 395.

We encourage you to register as soon as possible to secure your place and to enable us to decide in time whether there are enough participants to organise the retreat.

Registrations will close on Wednesday 18 November 2020.

Please check our terms & conditions

P.S.: If you wish you might be able to come a day earlier or maybe stay a night longer at the location. In this case, please contact the owners of the place directly. You can reach them via the contact details on their website (here is the link).



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Beate Trück - beate.trueck@brusselsmindfulness.be - +32 476 89 29 41

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