Mindful Christmas and Holiday Gifts

Special offers to give the gift of mindfulness this year for Christmas

The month of December already tends to be a chaotic period - buying gifts, organizing get togethers, end-of-year deadlines, unpredictable weather, travel arrangements, family conflict - and this year, again, there is the uncertainty about how the pandemic will develop and we have to add teleworking to the pile.

With the stress of the pandemic continuing to press in on us, now might be a time when you find yourself needing extra doses of self-care this holiday season.

With this in mind, this year Brussels Mindfulness has put together several different ways to give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of mindfulness!

Mindfulness Coaching

In private mindfulness-based life coaching sessions, we will use mindfulness and coaching tools help you better deal with difficult feelings and thoughts, and to focus on what really matters to you. We will explore what gets in your way so that you can flourish more in life.

Book a 3-session discovery pack with Alena for €240  €199 (incl. VAT). Limited availability.

Mindfulness Coaching
Online Mini Courses & Workshops for Christmas

Online Mini Courses & Workshops for Christmas

Joining a mini course or workshop is a great way to bring more mindfulness into your life around specific topics. This holiday season we have an amazing line-up of mini courses and workshops to give yourself some extra self-care.

Mindfulness Retreats for Christmas

Giving the gift of a Day of Nourishment or a multi-day retreat has always been a popular option amongst our community. 

Have a look at all our upcoming retreats.

Mindfulness Retreats for Christmas
Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Want to leave the choice of activity up to your loved one? Get in touch with us and we can create a custom gift certificate for you.

Fill in the contact form here to request your gift certificate.

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