Avant-Première 'Walk With Me'

‘Walk With Me’ is a beautiful documentary about Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist zen monk. Originally from Vietnam, he has arrived in Southern France in the 1980s where he has founded the community of Plum village, and where he still lives.

He is one of the most influential spiritual persons in the Western world and has even been nominated for the Peace Nobel Price by Martin Luther King.

After having suffered a severe stroke a few years ago, he can now hardly express himself anymore. That is why Benedict Cumberbatch offers his beautiful voice to read quotes from the monk’s journal.

The documentary follows the monk and his community in France and in the US, while adopting a slow, almost meditative style. It is dedicated to the importance of the inner world and the potential offered by the development of the mind.

The Brussels Mindfulness Institute and Emergences asbl are organising a mindful walk together on Saturday 23 September for the launch of this film in Brussels. Afterwards you can have a Mindful Dinner, followed by the avant-première of the film.

Mindful Walk

Walking meditation on Saturday 23 September from 16.00 to 17.00. Meeting point at the music kiosk in the Royal Park of Brussels.

For the Avant-Première of the documentary about Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village mindfulness community, the Brussels Mindfulness Institute and Emergences Asbl organise a mindful walk in the beautiful Royal Park in Brussels.

Meet us for a walk before you go and watch the movie in Cinema Aventure about this Buddhist Zen monk and his community of monks, nuns and lay practitioners living in Southern France. Or simply join us for a walking meditation in the heart of Brussels.

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Mindful Dinner

Saturday 23 September from 18.00 to 19.30
At Hortense x Humus / Food & Cocktails
‘Mindful Dinner-menu’ (€ 30 ipv € 36)

Please make reservations directly with the restaurant: www.humusrestaurant.be


Saturday 23 September from 20.00 to 22.00
Film ‘Walk With Me’ at Cinéma Aventure with introduction and discussion in English by the trainers of the Brussels Mindfulness Institute.

Please book your tickets directly at Cinema Aventure: www.cinema-aventure.be