Mindful Family Day on Sunday 25 February 2018

From 10.00 to 16.30
At the peaceful old farmhouse “The Abode” in Flemish Pajottenland close to Brussels

Being present for your children – and for yourself.

With Berenice Boxler and Sophie Donnay.

  • “I told you already five times to pick up your clothes!”
  • “Stop fighting – seriously! There is not a single day without you picking at each other!”
  • “Oh no, not the same story again. We read the book every single night now.“
  • “I can’t wait until the kids are finally in bed. I am so exhausted.”

The holidays are over, the new school year has started. There might be some anxiety around the change, some sadness that the vacation passed too fast, or some fear that the coming months might be too stressful. What about taking a break together, as a family, and having a healthy and conscious start for the new school and working period?

Of course you can also come on your own, for example if your children are not yet old enough or if you would rather want to learn and practice mindfulness while also enjoying the quietness of the day.

Together we will experience what it means to be connected as a family. We will practice mindfulness together and make a mindful walk in the beautiful surroundings of the Pajottenland. You can see cows, horses, sheep, meadows, hills, old farms and flowers everywhere – and it is just 30 minutes away from Brussels. We will be spoiled by the hosts of the farm with organic food.

A day to unwind, to resource yourself together as a family, to learn techniques on how to stay connected, how to relax and to deal with difficult moments – and most of all how to experience the joy that is inherent in each moment and that is just a breath away.

What to expect during this day

For the parents:

  • Mindfulness exercises, such as sitting and walking meditation & relaxation and on communication.
  • Teachings on the concept of mindful parenting.
  • Ability to exchange with likeminded people.
  • A beautiful location in the rolling hills and fields of the Flemish Pajottenland.
  • Tasty, homemade organic food.

For the children:

  • Specific mindfulness practices for the children (mindful eating, breathing, working with emotions and more).
  • Creative animation.
  • Lots of fun.
  • A beautiful location in the rolling hills and fields of the Flemish Pajottenland.
  • Tasty, homemade organic food.

What you will take away

For the parents:

  • Practical tools and insights on how to improve your family life.
  • The ability to find the calm and joy within yourself.
  • Handout with the key concepts and exercises of the day.
  • New friends who also wish to implement mindfulness in their family.

For the children:

  • The ability to use mindfulness when you are in need of a break.
  • Awareness of your emotions and how to deal with them when they are overwhelming.
  • Fun, craft and new friends.

Languages and age groups

The Mindful Family Day will be given in English for the parents.

For the children, the following languages can be spoken: English or French. It is sufficient if the children have basic knowledge of one of these languages.

The workshop is suitable for children age 6-12.

There is space for maximum 12 children and 18 adults.

The venue

The event takes place in “The Abode”, a beautifully restored 200-year old farm in the middle of Flemish Pajottenland. The farm is a haven of tranquility and rest. It is situated in the middle of the field with sheep and cows which allows for refreshing walks in the beautiful countryside.

The homemade food is organic and very tasteful. We will provide a child-friendly option.

Children and parents will be in separate rooms and will enjoy the lunch break together as well as some mindfulness exercises and games in the beginning and in the end of the day.


The Abode (“Het Verblijf”)
Rosweg 54
1750 Lennik

The trainers

Berenice Boxler is a mindfulness trainer at the Brussels Mindfulness Institute with a specialisation in mindful parenting. She has also two children, aged 3 and 5.



Sophie Donnay will guide the children in a mindfulness and animation programme.

Sophie is a clinical and educational psychologist, specialised in disability, children and adolescents. She is also formed in art-therapy.

She has 3 teenage children.


For the Mindful Parenting Day, with handouts, vegetarian lunch and coffee breaks included:

  • € 115 for 1 parent
  • € 200 for 2 parents
  • € 50 per child


More information and registration coming soon.

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