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Do you feel like you’re “being lived”? On autopilot, with too much stress and busyness, stuck in a life that you don’t fully enjoy?
Mindfulness is a science-based and down-to-earth way to deal better with stress and create more mental space and clarity.
So you can live your life – at home and at work – more consciously. A fuller and richer life. Open, relaxed and balanced.
We organise mindfulness workshops, courses and training programmes for individuals and organisations.
Download the free e-book “From Stress and Struggle to Calm Focus” and receive concrete mindfulness insights, strategies and exercises to deal better with stress.


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Is mindfulness something for you?

If you want to experience less stress, find more mental space and lead a happier and more fulfilled life, practising mindfulness can be the answer.

Perhaps you recognise yourself in one of the following scenarios:

  • You are suffering from stress and you are afraid of having a burn-out,
  • You have difficulties relaxing and sleeping and you often feel tired,
  • You are finding it hard to focus at work,
  • You are struggling with worries and difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger or sadness,
  • You feel you could achieve so much more in life.

A mindfulness course or workshop will offer you techniques to deal with the difficulties of everyday life in a more helpful way, as well as a set of practical stress-management tools.

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Interested in an 8-week mindfulness course?

In this training programme you will learn to integrate mindfulness skills in your (busy) daily life.

In 8 weekly sessions of 2 hours you will learn:

  • How to deal efficiently with day-to-day stress.
  • How to manage difficult emotions such as anxiety or anger.
  • How to deal with pressing thoughts and worries.

New courses starting in October 2017Click here for more information.

Too much stress? Register for a free mindfulness workshop.

From stress and struggle to calm focus

In this free workshop you will discover:

  • How to respond adequately to stressful situations, so you will feel calmer and more focused.
  • How to stay sane in challenging circumstances and deal effectively with stress.
  • How to find inner calm and contentment in order to live a meaningful and joyful life.